Once upon a cold winter’s day [January 6, 2014] we moved from Milwaukee to Denver and launched Cream City Market with one goal: to bring fresh, legendary Wisconsin cheese curds to the Rockies. Wisconsin natives by birth, but Colorado residents by choice we are stoked to be a part of the vibrant specialty food vibe of our new sunny state. We happened to have missed the snowiest, coldest 100-days-below-0 ° polar vortex that ever hit America’s Dairyland. #thatwasacloseone

Wisconsin cheese curds are legendary. We love that people with curd experience give us a high five when they find out we’re here! It's also fun to  meet people who've never experienced squeaky cheese before...  to see them taste this fresh delicacy for the very first time. Cream City Market brings people together over a little bite of something grand, and we hope that in a small way that makes the world a better place.

The rock stars of our line up are fresh Cheddar cheese curds. They are accompanied by Mozza Whips (string cheese) and other famous fare from Wisconsin. With an emphasis on impeccable freshness and traditional foods from the state’s earliest European immigrants, we offer occasional delicacies such as Hungarian pepper sticks and Danish Kringle from our hometown, Racine

Our namesake is Cream City brick – made from a clay found in the Menomonee River Valley and the western banks of Lake Michigan. One of the most common building materials used in Milwaukee during the mid and late 19th century, these bricks gave our hometown the nickname “Cream City.”  Many of the breweries, churches and historic buildings are made from them, places we've grown up in.

You can find our legendary cheese curds at Farmer's Markets spanning Parker to Estes Valley, hip special events, small specialty food stores, and a tap room or two. 

Put some squeak in your cheek!

Mark & Kim Albrecht